5 tips to grow your natural nails

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Do you wish you had beautifully groomed nails?

Your nails say so much about you! We spend so much money and time on our hair, make up and clothes but often our hands and nails are neglected. Don’t let your digits let you down. Follow these simple tips to help grow and groom your nails

  • Choose the right file! Files come in a variety of grits (just like sandpaper) Minimise damage and over-filling by trimming your nails first with nail clippers and then filing the shape with the pale side of an emery board. For an oval nail, file from the side to middle. Never saw! Throw away that metal file you got in a Christmas cracker 20 years ago. It’ll shred through your nail and cause damage.
  • Wear rubber gloves especially for washing up or when using detergents. Modern cleaning products are far too strong for your natural nails to be immersed in. Protect them when doing ‘wet’ jobs. The secret here is to buy a size that fits and a pair for every room you’re likely to need them in (the kitchen and bathroom.)
  • Oil, oil, oil Did I mention oil? It helps keep the nails flexible which helps absorb shock. It’s great for your cuticles*, can help with peeling and will nourish your nails. Try solar oil or Dadi oil. They’re beautiful!
  • Try a nail treatment. We advise all our clients to wear a nail treatment specific to their problem. A beautiful treatment for post-gel or acrylics is Lavender Base by Bio Sculpture. Take a look at the OPI range too at https://www.opiuk.com/They have a plethora of fabulous treatment to keep your nails in check.
  • Look after those cuticles!That skin around the base of your nails (which isn’t actually cuticle but we’ll save that for later) has an important job to do. It keeps nasty germs from entering the ‘living’ part of your nail (the matrix) so it’s important to keep them supple and moistured. After soaking your nails in warm water, gently push back the cuticle* with an orangewood stick or cuticle pusher. Don’t be tempted to cut it off! There are lots of cuticle removers on the market but I suggest doing a trial nail first as many of these contain potassium hydroxide or sodium hydroxide which could cause an allergic reaction.

And there you have it. 5 simple tips to help keep your nails groomed. Ideally you should be visiting a reputable salon for professional manicures, but these are all easy things you can do at home to do help to keep your nails strong, tidy and ready for painting.

Love Julie x

* the true cuticle is a white substance on the nail plate that is often seen when the eponychium (that was previously thought to be cuticle) is pushed back.