Pre-treatment Advice for Spray Tans

We want you to LOVE your tan! Please arrive with no make up, deodorant, perfume or moisturiser on. This will cause a barrier to the tan and YOU MAY GO GREEN! This also applies to using face wipes or baby wipes just before your appointment! The best thing to do is take a shower so you know you’re completely free of products.

Please wear loose, dark clothing and shave, wax and exfoliate 24 hours prior to your spray tan. Pay special attention to your elbows, knees and feet! Please also remove contact lenses.

If you have sensitive skin, we recommend a patch test.


Contra-indications to Spray Tanning

What is a contra-indication?

A contra-indication is a condition that may prevent or restrict a treatment. Examples of these are:

  • Respiratory problems
  • A known allergy to DHA
  • Open cuts/wounds
  • Severe skin conditions i.e. eczema, psoriasis or dermatitis
  • Excessively dry skin
  • Acne
  • Recent tattoos
  • Breastfeeding mothers
  • Recent body piercings
  • Recent Heat treatments i.e. waxing/sauna/steam room

Post-Treatment Advice

  • DO NOT shower for 12 hours after the tan
  • Do not apply moisturiser for 24 hours
  • Avoid steam rooms, sunbeds, and excessive exercise for 12 hours or there’s a high chance you’ll go streaky!
  • Once you shower, let the water wash the excess product off. Don’t worry, your tan won’t disappear!
  • Avoid sitting on leather or pale coloured fabrics!
  • Pat yourself dry instead of rubbing with a towel
  • Apply moisturiser daily (after 24 hours) to prolong your tan