Salon Guidelines During Covid -19

The Nail & Beauty Lounge Back-to-Work Plan

Our aim is to provide our services in a safe, hygienic manner, as always with the health and safety of our staff and our clients paramount. Whilst we pride ourselves on our very high standards in health and hygiene, these have now been revised. 

Whilst we have comprehensive Risk Assessments and Procedures documented, we have put together a simple guide to what will be happening in our salon so that you know what to expect when you come to us. 

This should avoid confusion and possible conflict.

The Salon 

Arrangements have been made so clients are 2 metres apart at all times. We will utilise other rooms in the salon as temporary nail rooms, for your safety. 


We ask that clients requiring several services make block bookings to avoid several visits.

Appointments will be staggered to avoid clients arriving and leaving at the same time.

As appointments will be in demand, we have introduced a 48-hour cancellation period.

Clients must inform us if they have tested positive for Covid-19

You will be asked a series of general wellbeing questions on arrival:

Have you been in contact with anyone with Covid-19 or symptoms of in the past 2 weeks?

Has anyone in your household had a fever or felt unwell in the past 2 weeks?

Health and Safety

The salon will be a clinical environment, with excess decorations and soft furnishings removed. 

As always, single-use tools will be used, where possible. 

Each client will have an individual, sanitised and disinfected pack of tools and files.

Paper towels will replace towels and disposable desk towels will be used. 

All PPE and disposables will be discarded between each client. 

Desk shields will be used only if the government recommend these. They do not protect against Covid-19 and will only be used as a sneeze/cough guard if required, due to the amount of dust they collect. Face masks must still be worn even if these are in place.

Risk assessments and H&S policies and procedures have been revised and all staff have been appropriately trained. 

There will be a 5 minutes slot between client appointments to clean and disinfect desk, sweep, change own PPE and wipe door handles and light switches with hospital grade cleaning solutions. 

Arrival/Waiting Automatic hand sanitisers will be available outside at the entrance to the salon and a no-touch sink unit with paper towels beside the reception desk unit as you enter. All clients will be asked to wash their hands on arrival and go to their designated desk. This avoids waiting in the salon. Therefore, please do not arrive too early/late for your appointment. Please do not bring children, friends or family members to wait as this has been removed. 


Please pay by card, where possible to avoid money transactions. Rebooks will be made at your nail desk.

Record Keeping 

As always, we will have a computerised record of all clients and visitors to the salon, so we know who is on the premises at any given time. 


Staff will wear all relevant PPE once the government guidelines have been announced.

Uniforms will be worn on arrival at the salon and removed at the end of the day and taken home to be laundered. No long sleeves will be worn. Work shoes will be left in the salon. 

Health & Safety Guidelines tell us that gloves are not a substitute for thorough hand washing, so we will wear these as instructed


We ask that clients bring their own face masks although we will provide you with face masks on arrival if necessary. These will be discarded after use.

Salon Procedures

We will continue with our cleaning measures and revise where necessary.

 Each workstation and UV Lamp will be thoroughly cleaned between clients with hospital-grade disinfectants. We have allowed for this time between appointments. 

All desktop products will be in drawers to allow for a fast turnaround between clients.

Tissues and hand sanitiser will be available on every desk.


Unfortunately, during this time we will be serving cold refreshments only and no food must be consumed during your appointment.


Please bring minimum belongings to your appointment. 

Your coat and bag must be on the back of your chair at all times and we ask you to refrain from having your phone on the desk.


Any clients or staff needing to complete documents on the Ipad must first wipe it with a disinfectant wipe provided.

Opening Hours

Along with a host of other safety measures we’ve introduced, our opening hours will change to allow us to work 2m apart and to reduce congestion in the salon, to help keep us and you safe.