The Ugly Truth about your Facials

There are some alarming new facials coming out and we want to give you the lowdown on what you should be looking out for before having the latest insta-fad or trending TikTok facial.

Many dermatologists have seen a rise in skin conditions and damage that is occurring as a direct result of ill-informed clients, poor training and ill-advised products and are now having to ‘repair’ damaged skin.

Your skin is a precious, living organ and it needs to be treated right so I asked facial expert, Joanne Howard to give us the lowdown on what you should be looking out for.

‘When choosing a therapist for your treatments, particularly advanced treatments that can be more invasive, think about not only qualifications and insurance but expertise and knowledge of the skin.

Considering these aspects and choosing a reputable therapist or skin specialist will help you reach your skin goals, but much more importantly it will keep you safe. Invasive treatments performed by an unqualified therapist using the wrong tools can have disastrous consequences including infection, damage to the skin leading to hyperpigmentation and scarring as well as compromising the skins barrier function which is the thing that keeps our skin healthy and protected.

A good skin specialist will not only know the best tools and products to use but will also know when it is safe or unsafe to perform a treatment on your skin, even small things like diet, previous illness and different medications can have an impact on your skin and your immune system and you may be advised to wait before receiving any advanced treatment.

Safety and hygiene come first in all of my treatments but this is especially important when doing treatments such as peels and microneedling. I will only ever work with companies that supply completely hygienic, sterilised and safe equipment that is proven by outside authorities such as the FDA. I also have my own responsibilities to keep the equipment sterile and up to standard and work in a suitable environment for the treatments I perform.

Don’t feel afraid to ask questions including those about qualifications and insurance, I suggest booking in for a consultation before committing to having a treatment. This way you will meet the professional that will be performing the treatment and it gives you an opportunity to ask any questions and get a feel for the place you have chosen.’

Before you jump on the latest fad, remember, your skin has a job to do and you should never compromise it!